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Blackwall Twin Pack Bokashi Bin

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Compost all of your food waste in the Bokashi Bin, a simple way to recycle food waste in the home

Introducing the simple way to recycle food waste at home - the Bokashi Bin is a unique product which allows you to compost all of your food waste.

Prepare all meat, fish, dairy products or any other organic material for composting in one container. With this double pack, you'll never run out of space as you can leave one to ferment while filling another.

Simply add your kitchen waste to your Bokashi Bin, sprinkle on a handful of Bokashi Bran and seal the air tight lid.

Bokashi is a dry mixture of bran and molasses infused with beneficial micro-organisms that suppress pathogens and stop your waste from putrefying or emitting foul odours.

After a few weeks your waste can be added to a conventional compost heap or bin, or dug straight into the ground. It also produces a liquid feed which is packed with beneficial microbes and can be diluted as a plant feed or poured down the drain to prevent algae build up and odours.

The Bokashi Bin is intended to be kept in the home but can be kept outdoors. If left outdoors the process can slow down during the colder months.

The Bokashi Bin Twin Pack includes:

  • 2 Bokashi Bins with carry handle, air tight lid and drainage tap
  • 2 inner drain trays
  • 1 scoop/liquid drain cup
  • 1 push tool
  • Full instructions
  • 1kg of Bokashi Bran (3 - 4 months supply)
  • For more information on the Bokashi Bin, including how to get started, please take a look at our blog article. blog article. blog article.


    • Converts kitchen waste such as meat, fish,dairy and cooked wastes into usable compost.
    • The liquid produced can be diluted and used on plants to assist growth
    • Keep drains clear by pouring the produced liquid directly down into your kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets or septic system
    • Be part of an organic solution by directing food waste away from the landfill
    • Will rebuild the soil in your garden and will decontaminate soil from harmful pathogens and pollutants.


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