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Bins Direct: Blog post on food waste infographic

Helping restaurants across the UK tackle food waste issues

Published 07/08/2017

Did you know that waste costs the restaurant sector £682million each year? And that almost a quarter of food waste across the hospitality and foodservice sector comes from restaurants?

Given that 9% of all meals eaten out in the UK are in restaurants, it’s no surprise that waste figures are so high. But there is more that can be done.

At Bins Direct, we have studied WRAP’s Restaurants: Taking Action on Waste report and created the infographic below to show how much food is wasted, where it comes from and what can be done to reduce food waste.

The key to saving money and reducing waste? It’s all down to recycling! Investing in the right bins, educating staff and working with neighbouring businesses to increase recycling efforts can all have a positive impact.

By working together, we can tackle this issue, so please share our infographic and spread the word!

Whether you’re a small, independent restaurant or a multi-national chain, we can advise on the best bins for you. Simply call our customer care team on 0800 316 4464 or email [email protected]

To learn more check out our food waste infographic below.

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